How do I choose a class/series?

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So you wanna take a class at Defy Gravity? Welcome to the community!

You’ll want to start by setting up an account on Punchpass. This is the platform we use for all of our scheduling and reservations. Go to the Defy Gravity homepage and click on the button that says “Sign Up for Classes.” This will take you to our Punchpass portal. Click the button in the upper right corner of the page that says “Create Account”, or the “Menu” button if you are using the mobile app. You can then enter your personal information, and link a credit or debit card for in app purchases. 

**Be sure to provide an email address that you frequently check. This is our main method of communication.**

(If you prefer alternate payment methods, such as cash or check, email [email protected] to make arrangements.)

For specific class descriptions, including level requirements, prerequisites, and suggested props, click on the individual class in Punchpass.
After you have selected a class, purchase the corresponding pass. (See “How do I purchase a pass?”)

We offer classes in 6 main categories:

  • Pole: Various Styles
  • Aerial: Silks, Hammock, Lyra, Static Trapeze
  • Dance and Movement: Burlesque, Chair, Floorwork, Flow, Ballet, Modern, Cardio
  • Conditioning and Strength building: On an aerial apparatus or pole, on the floor, utilizing various props
  • Flexibility: Active flexibility, relaxing and restorative stretching
  • Discussion Based: Community oriented, individual or self oriented

We offer these on a Leveled Class Structure:

  • Fundamentals -- This is the introductory or beginner level class. No experience required. 
  • Level 1 -- Novice level skills & movement.
  • Level 2 -- Intermediate level skills & movement.
  • Level 3 -- Advanced level skills & movement.
  • Open/Mix Level -- Varying skill levels within a class, taught with modifications to accommodate. These sometimes come with prerequisites. (Ex. Level 1+, or Age 18+)

If you have previous experience, email [email protected] for a consultation regarding level appropriate movement.

We offer  classes in various formats:


Unless otherwise specified, our Group Fitness Classes are reserved with single reservations, which can be made right up until the time class begins, and may be cancelled any time before the Late Cancel cutoff time 6 hours prior with no penalty, fee, or effect on your pass.


Our Level 1 & 2, and some Fundamentals Level Aerial classes are offered monthly as closed-enrollment 4 Week Series, and require a reservation for the entire 4 weeks. Once the roster is full, or the enrollment period ends, that commitment is locked in and all scheduled sessions will run.

Workshop / Workshop Series 

These are one-off classes or series that focus on a particular apparatus, set of skills, style, or choreography.

Open Gym

These are unstructured periods of access to studio space and specific apparatuses, during which participants can practice skills learned in classes, and explore level appropriate movement. There is supervision, but no instruction, and participants are responsible for leading themselves through a warm-up and cool-down. 

This option is not for brand new students with no experience; you must have attended at least 1-3 classes with instruction. 


These are periods of access to studio space and specific apparatuses, scheduled outside of regular class periods.

Options include:

  • Private Lesson (1:1 or 2:1 with an instructor)
  • Private Group Fitness Class (3-5 participants)
  • Private Open Gym
  • Private Party / Event

Request a Private Session

Progressing in Leveled Classes

Defy Gravity empowers students to embrace growth at their own pace. Entering new levels requires instructor approval through evaluation.  Each apparatus has a unique set of requirements for higher levels. If you're interested in entering a new level, talk to your instructor after class.

Listed below are guidelines for enrolling in higher level Pole classes. 

Entering Pole Co​nditioning:

  • 1 class of Pole Fundamentals

Entering Pole Level 1: 

  • 8 classes of Pole Fundamentals
  • Carousel kick
  • Fan kick
  • Pole sit
  • Fireman spin
  • Developing body awareness

Entering Pole Level 2:

  • Stronghold crunch
  • Chair spin
  • 2 climbs to pole sit
  • Increased body awareness
  • Tuck invert (not required for non-invert 2)

Entering Pole Level 3:

  • Solid inside and outside leg hangs (gemini and scorpio)
  • Shoulder mount with a light spot
  • One-arm chair spin
  • Strong body awareness
  • Active flexibility